HAC 47 :13Project £560
HAC 47 :13Project £560
HAC 47 :13Project £560

HAC 47 :13Project £560

Dorgmal Snow
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13 Project Limited Run Figure.  Very limited number (prototype shown and subject to change)


HACs are the most lethal of synthetics. Their base code and architecture was the most advanced of the time. However it became clear that they were particularly unstable and not suitable for human interaction, many developed psychotic tendencies. Production was made illegal and all units were recalled… None of them came quietly.  

HACs began violent mass killing sprees across the globe and off world, killing thousands of innocents. 

To deal with this, the largest Synthetic Human manufacturers, the Morel Corporation produced a “Synth Hunter model”. The soul purpose of this unit was to find, capture or decommission HACs…


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