Dromt Atah :13Project
Dromt Atah :13Project
Dromt Atah :13Project
Dromt Atah :13Project
Dromt Atah :13Project

Dromt Atah :13Project

Dorgmal Snow
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13 Project Limited Run Figure. (prototype shown and subject to change)

Dromt Atah... Ex Degei Infantry who fought along side the Degei Vanguard, against the IDEX Troopers, during the Fall of the Last Great Government War at the beginning of the Synth Cull....⁠

As with all Breathers she has a dislike for all non blood born, augmented and genetically altered lifeforms and rejects all synthetics as humanoids .

Her tiny stature and angelic features does not reflect her personality. Exceedingly slight and nimble for a non augmented. 

As a selective mute she only communicates with her brother, Isrih, using subtle expressions and gestures to convey her thoughts.

She is know, firstly for her ability to solve most problems with the aid of her chain- mini-gun (bread slicer) or her K11 pistol, and secondly for her excessive use of over kill…..(“Its not dead till it been shot, stabbed and missing its head” Quote from her brother when a Vanguard Commander observed her dealing with a low level Synthetic)...


 For more images check out 13project.com

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